1. Dr. Olga Ways helped me recover from knee surgery due to a sport injury. Her acupuncture technique combined with electrical stimulation reduced the swelling and relieved pain in the area allowing me to stop taking the pain medication and recover faster. She is very professionals, knowledgeable and exhibits a genuine care for her patients. I highly recommend this acupuncture physician to everyone.

D.W., Bradenton, FL

2. I went to see Dr. Ways after suffering with chronic back pain that was so debilitating that I could no longer sit in a chair without being in pain.  I also love to exercise and was no longer able to do that because it just aggravated my condition.

When I arrived at her office she warmly welcomed me, led me to a treatment room, and did an extensive intake about my medical history.  She then explained to me what was wrong, how she could help me, and exactly what she was going to do in my treatment.  The acupuncture treatment was virtually painless and was actually so relaxing that I dozed off.  I felt so calm afterwards and by the next morning my back pain had drastically been reduced!  I went back a few more times and can say that my back pain is completely gone now and I have resumed my regular activities.

I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Dr. Ways.  She is confident, smart, caring, and compassionate and I’m sure she can help you just as she did for me.

A.C., Bradenton, FL

3. I have a trauma induced trigeminal neuralgia. I am on a prescription medication and have had constant headaches for about 8 months before I was recommended by my regular Western Medicine doctor to see Dr. Ways for acupuncture. By the second acupuncture session, I started experiencing pain relief. Dr. Ways also helped me by explaining how I can use the right pressure points for my condition. After a series of acupuncture sessions I have gone from daily headaches to one weekly most of the time. I recommend Dr. Ways and acupuncture from the bottom of my grateful heart.

E.R., Ellenton, FL

4. I can not praise Dr. Ways enough. I had a nasal/chest congestion for 8 months and she helped me more than I ever thought possible. I would recommend her to anyone in need of acupuncture.

P.K., FL

5. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar type 2 when I was 16 years old and as I got older anxiety and sleeping disorders set in and grew worse making me physically sick and unable to enjoy life. I have been on mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, tranquilizers and sleep aids for the past 20 years of my life. I felt like I was never going to enjoy my family or life again so as a last resort I reluctantly tried acupuncture. I was very skeptical, but gave it a try. I noticed results in only 3 sessions and after my 4th I have been able to sleep on my own and make it through the day without a tranquilizer for anxiety. My psychiatrist has cut back my anti-depressants significantly and is thrilled with the difference in my appearance and overall outlook. Dr. Ways has changed my life and I am truly blessed to have found her.

S.P., Lakewood Ranch, FL

6. For the last few years I have had an annoying twitch on one side of my face but while in Florida last year I visited Dr. Olga Ways and had a few sessions of acupuncture. I wasn’t very hopeful, but to my amazement it completely disappeared and I haven’t had any recurrence. I am very grateful to Olga and so pleased I went to her clinic.

A.G., UK